Reiki III: Third Degree & Master
Pre-requisite Level II and Master requirements

If you are looking for spiritual transformation and soul advancement, this is the class for you. Reiki III/Master is a soul commitment that one must be ready to make on all levels…spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. At this level Reiki is not only a practice but truly becomes a way of life in self-mastery.

Contemplate if this is the next step for you in your spiritual journey.

We hold this 4-day training, retreat style, on sacred land so that you can integrate the fullness of the energy. We have found this is a very important component of this class. This allows you to be immersed in the process and to absorb the information without having to go back into your everyday routine. You can enjoy conversation with fellow students, hike through the woods or sit by the river. Breathe, relax and enjoy.

There will be a brief review of level I and II. You will receive an additional attunement and three additional symbols. You will also practice giving attunements, and hands on treatments.

Upon completion you will receive a Reiki level III Master Certificate certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki through the Holistic Institute of Wellness. You will also receive a Reiki Master Dedication certificate.

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