Reiki II: Second Degree
Pre-requisite Reiki I

In this weekend class you will reach a new level of awareness. We often compare the levels of Reiki to the wattage of a light bulb. So you can expect your light to shine brighter after taking this class.

Reiki II teaches you the basics of long-distance healing and different ways to use the Reiki energy with symbols. You learn three symbols and receive an additional attunement. You learn to use the symbols to amplify finances, improve the energy in your home or even protect objects like your car. This class also deals with the emotional body and will assist you in releasing whatever is no longer serving you on that level.

For the long-distance portion of the class, please have someone in mind that you can send the long distance healing to and ask them for their permission to receive the energy ahead of time.

You will also practice one on one healing sessions on each other learn how to place the appropriate symbol in their energy field for healing and clearing.

Upon completion you will receive a Reiki level II Certificate certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki through the Holistic Institute of Wellness.

At this point, if you decide to go on to Reiki III, we will be happy to provide you with an application and requirements.

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